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Air Transport Operators Certificate

The process of obtaining a Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) Air Transport Operators Certificate (AOC) authorising the conduct of commercial operations is intensive and thorough, however with proper preparation and guidance the process can be completed quickly with minimal fuss. Our services in this area are aimed at simplifying the process and helping to ensure it is completed quickly and professionally.

A key part of the process is the establishment of the important and mutually beneficial relationship required with CASA. Working with CASA in a productive and co-operative manner is vital for the safe conduct of commercial operations. We provide valuable advice on this aspect of an AOC application and show you "what YOU can do, to help CASA help you".

We assist you through the AOC application process and provide guidance and advice designed to ensure you a) establish your operation in an appropriate, safe, efficient and professional manner, b) lay the groundwork for a solid and sound relationship with CASA, and c) keep the process simple.

The following are some examples of the services we offer:

Pre-application Briefing

A pre-application briefing is designed to run through all aspects of the AOC application process. The briefing generally takes half a day and is designed to ensure you are fully aware of all the application requirements, know what tools and resources are available to assist you throughout the process, and provide you with tips and suggestions which can simplify and expedite the process.

Operational Docuemntation Preparation

Good Operational documentation is essential. It's important documents reflect the quality and culture of your organisation. We offer a comprehensive Operational Doumentation preparation and review service. We can:

  • Write relevant manual(s), tailored specifically to your organisation and its intended operation.
  • Provide guidance and advice to your staff as they prepare Operational Documentation.
  • Review and edit your self prepared Manual(s).
Chief Pilot Training

Selection of a suitable Chief Pilot is vital to the successful operation of any commercial aircraft operation. We provide a range of services with regard to Chief Pilot selection and training:

  • Interview and selection.
  • Ensuring licence, endorsement and recent experience requirements have been met.
  • Training in preparation for a CASA Chief Pilot interview.
  • Guidance and advice during the first few months of operation.
Staff Training

We can coordinate and arrange necessary training for ground staff, operations support staff and cabin crew.

Call us to discuss your specific requirements.

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