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Aircraft Management
Aircraft operating costs can vary significantly depending on how maintenance, flying operations and finance related matters are managed. We offer a range of services designed to help owners reduce aircraft operating costs.

Example of services we provide include:

Annual Operating Reviews

On a once per year basis we review your circumstances, conduct a physical inspection of your aircraft and meet with your selected maintenance organisation to discuss any maintenance issues. Following this, we brief you on identified issues and provide a revised operating forecast for the next twelve months.

Maintenance Management

We can coordinate and manage the maintenance of your aircraft on a yearly basis.  Liaising with your preferred maintenance organisation, authorised pilots, or operating body we will:

  • Ensure maintenance is conducted in a timely manner.
  • Report on necessary maintenance which has not been completed.
  • Ensure only authorised and appropriate parts are used and competitive prices paid.
  • Keep you informed of any issues related to the pilot handling of your aircraft.
Pilot Authorisation

We can vet prospective pilots to ensure they have the appropriate qualifications and necessary experience to safely operate your aircraft. We will:

  • Check to ensure all license, endorsement and recent experience requirements have been met.
  • Where necessary conduct handling check flights and/or load check flights.
  • Brief prospective pilots on relevant maintenance requirements.
  • Ensure pilots are thoroughly conversant with engine operating and fuel management procedures.
  • Ensure nominated pilots are covered by the aircraft insurance policy.

Our services not only protect your investment, but often substantially reduce overall operating costs. Our service is proactive, friendly and provides peace of mind while saving you valuable time.

Call us to discuss your specific requirements.

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