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Aircraft DeliveryWe've delivered and ferried aircraft all over Australia for many years. Deliveries are piloted by Kim Wadham our Principal Consultant and a Commercial Pilot (ATPL) for over 40 years. 

Kim has significant experience conducting charter operations and instructing all over Australia, holds a Airline Transport Pilots License (ATPL), Commercial Pilots Licence (CPL), Multi-Engine Command Instrument Rating (MECIR), numerous multi-engine endorsements and Chief Pilot approval.

We provide our own safety and survival equipment and are capable of doing international deliveries if required.  Our service is professional and noted for the care and attention we give aircraft we deliver, particularly with regard to engine management.

Our fees are competitive and vary depending on aircraft type, duration of delivery, equipment we need to provide, and whether the client wants us to organise things such as ferry insurance etc.

Please phone (0412) 666 747 for further information on our aircraft ferry and delivery services.

Airside Safety Services vehicles are supplied by Sci Fleet Toyota Australia's largest Toyota Dealer