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Aircraft Sales & Acquisition
Purchasing an aircraft can be time consuming and costly - not surprising when you consider more than 50 organisations or people are selling an estimated 300 or more aircraft scattered across Australia at any one time.  Hidden traps such as not obtaining an accurate and independent analysis of the condition of prospective aircraft, or a realistic forecast of fixed and variable operating expenses can easily cost a buyer an additional 10% to 20% of the original purchase price.

With over 40 years experience in the Australian aviation industry, we have valuable knowledge which we offer as a service to prospective aircraft purchasers. Our service is friendly, helpful and guaranteed to save you money.

For a fixed cost of 2% of the final purchase price (plus any related ancillary costs if applicable) we will:

  • Brief you UP FRONT on often overlooked considerations.
  • Assist you in identifying a suitable aircraft.
  • Inspect (pre-buy inspection) up to two potentially suitable aircraft selected by the purchaser (see note 1).
  • Provide a written report on the condition of the final selected aircraft.
  • Provide information on any special engineering issues pertaining to the particular model of aircraft.
  • Provide a written forecast on operating costs (see note 2).
  • Assist in arranging insurance and selecting a suitable maintenance organisation matched to your needs.

To utilise this service we require a 50% service deposit. The service deposit is deducted from the final 2% commission which is payable on completion of the inspection process. Should you decide against using our services before the initial consultation and briefing the service deposit will be fully refunded.

Note 1 - Additional aircraft can be inspected for a supplementary fee of $950 each plus costs.

Note 2 - The purpose of our operating cost forecast is to ensure that often overlooked costs are included and that maintenance estimates are as accurate as possible. An operating forecast is is an estimate based on certain given parameters and the best information available at the time. There will always be some variation between forecast and actual operating costs.

Aircraft Sales

If you have an aircraft for private sale and would like a website to list your aircraft details and show photographs, give us a call. For a competitive monthly fee we can provide a solution for you. We will shortly be advertising and promoting all aircraft on a new website we're developing Planes N Hangars www.planesnhangars.com.au

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